Mir Mohammad Ali Khan


The soil of Pakistan has always been considered very fertile either it is in reference of the agriculture or crops that are cultivated here or it is in regards to the skills and craftsmanship of the people who resides on this precious and extremely unique piece of land. One of the individual that contributed greatly and gained immense respect for his motherland in all over the world is one of the sons of this soil, Mir Mohammad Ali Khan who is commonly referred as MirMak.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan a youthful Pakistani lad, who at the age of 19 years, moved to USA alongside his family did not realize that in the new and sparkling universe of chances that is United States, he will accomplish and give up to such an extent.

Youthful Mir Mohammad Ali, who sought after his early education from a very religious community school of Pakistan, alongside his family was welcomed by his sister, who wedded and lived in abroad with her significant other and wards. His folks who belonged to very prestigious and respectful families themselves had to move abroad as well so that they can provide for their children and give them much better opportunities for their great future.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan who was dependably a shrewd child and where the children of his age were occupied in playing outside and tricking the neighbors, he was a great deal more involved with his books and preparing for exams to score better among his peers. Along with many other subjects that he showed interest in finance was by far his most loved subject and that enthusiasm to contemplate and take in more about it took him to truly incredible extremes. After school he took confirmation in Rutgers University and his majors was Economics and Finance. Amid studies he worked truly hard and had to do odd employments like washing dishes and tending to tables in Burger Kings, punching labels in the clothing area of K-Mart, filling in as a security monitor for an office building, even weekends were not a special case, he drove taxi cabs to bolster his personal expanse and essential necessities. After such relentless and diligent work at last he graduated and the trip to greatness started for this extra ordinary person.

Only at the age of 29 years, he turned into the most youthful Chairman and Founder of a full administration Investment Bank in America and the primary Muslim to have possessed a speculation depend on Wall Street. He has had a fruitful vocation as Founder and Chairman The Financial Group, Inc., Federal Advisor to Govt. of Pakistan, a Member of New Jersey Governors Council, a Senior Advisor to New Jersey State Mayors and US State Senators. He went ahead with his accomplishments and set yet another turning point by bringing Islamic Banking Research into standard America by co-supporting and encouraging Harvard University to dispatch Harvard Islamic Finance and Information Program (HIFIP). He likewise built up THE WORD’S FIRST ISLAMIC BANKING BENCHMARK INDEX on WALL STREET which name was KMS-SAMI (Socially Aware Muslin Index), which is now a functional index run by The Dow Jones Indices. He has likewise been included in “Who’s Who of Top Executives in the World”. He was likewise as of late highlighted in “Humans of Pakistan” which is an exceptionally renowned Pakistani forum and worldwide discussion.

After such maximum accomplishments on his record, he is presently back in Pakistan with a radiant motive that is to engage the adolescent of Pakistan and to inspire them by his own particular encounters and accomplishments so that the youth of Pakistan can change their life and fate like Mir Mohammad Ali khan did with his sheer hard work and endless valor.


Mir Mohammad Ali Khan


Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, a phenomenon and an institution in himself, an expert in finance and stock market. He was born in Karachi, in an affluent and reputable Urdu speaking household. He was an intelligent and focused child even when he was young. He always aimed to ace his studies and make a carrier in finance and he did just that. At an early age of 19, right after he graduated from school, he migrated to United States after being sponsored by his sister, who was settled there along with her family. Even though it was a totally new country and a whole different setup and his family had to start from scratch again but after being inspired from his parents, who both worked their hardest in making a living for their family even though they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth as they were from royal families, he too decided to support his studies and worked odd jobs to make a living for himself by serving tables and washing dishes in Burger kings, driving cabs, punching tags in apparel section at K-Mart and working as a security guard on weekends. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1984 majoring in Economics and Finance. During all this hard work, one wish derived him to work hard and that was to enter Wall Street and be in the middle of all the action of the Capital Markets and that drive finally lead him to where he always wanted to be and he got hired by an investment bank right on Wall Street as an assistant Vice President and he never looked back from that point onwards.

Few years later he moved to another investment bank as a Senior Executive Vice President, International Investment Banking Division.  He started to handle international clients and being a bi-linguist, it worked out to be greatly in his favors. Another milestone in his extraordinary journey was to open up his own Boutique Investment Bank on Wall Street in 1995, making him the youngest person to open a bank at just 29 years of age, which was KMS Investment bank the first Muslim owned investment bank in the history of Wall Street. In all this period he has gathered a few hundred million dollars of assets under Advisory & Management and has done over 40 or so investment banking deals, including IPO’s and secondary financing. Side by side he has also started to take a keen interest in politics and was one of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party.  He believed that Muslims in any country that they permanently settle into should become active in the Democratic process of that country to have their voice heard and counted.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan is now permanently residing in Karachi with his two young kids. Motivating the youth around the globe, especially in Pakistan, is his personal interest. He often appears on television programs and is very active on his social media with this very reason in his mind. He regularly speaks at universities across Pakistan and appears on television programs as a motivational speaker, personal development guru and also helps people who are willing to understand capital markets. His agenda is to mentor the youth and make them aware of their weaknesses and strengths so that they can become better and serve the nation through personal and professional achievements of goals.  He has come back to Pakistan hoping to provide solutions, on the basis of his firsthand experience, in the areas where the country is lacking and he says there is no stopping him in achieving this goal for the betterment of his beloved country.

Mir Mohammad Alikhan


Mir Mohammad Alikhan is internationally renowned Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Advisor. At the age of 29, he became the youngest Chairman and Founder of a Full service Investment Bank in America and the first Muslim to have owned an investment bank on Wall Street. He has had a successful career as Founder & Chairman The Financial Group, Inc., Federal Advisor to Govt. of Pakistan, a Member of New Jersey Governors Council, a Senior Advisor to New Jersey State Mayors and US State Senators. He introduced Islamic Banking Research into mainstream America by co-sponsoring and advising Harvard University to launch Harvard Islamic Finance and Information Program (HIFIP). He also developed “THE WORD’S FIRST ISLAMIC BANKING BENCHMARK INDEX on WALL STREET Named:KMS-SAMI: (Socially Aware Muslin Index) Which Is Now A Functional Index Run By The Dow Jones Indices. He has also been featured in “Who’s Who of Top Executives in the World”. Featured in “Humans Of Pakistan” and in 2015 he became the first Pakistani ever to have a movie produced on his life through a first time co-production of Hollywood and Pakistani production house Sermad Films, The Producers of the movie “JALAIBEE”.

History of Mir Mohammad Alikhan


His personal interest is to motivate the youth around the globe, especially in Pakistan, to come up with entrepreneurial technology that could determine the future of people around the world. In this regard he has been appearing on different television programs and spreading his message through social media campaigns. He regularly speaks at universities across Pakistan and appears on television programs on the topics of motivation, personal development and capital markets. His agenda is to sow the seeds of Positivity, Optimism, Resilience and Tenacity in the youth so that they can become better people and serve the nation through personal and professional achievements of goals.

Corporate History for the Past 25 years

AMZ MAK Capital Limited

July 2013 – Present (2 years 10 months)Pakistan. Dubai

AMZ MAK Capital Limited is a diversified holding company built on the principle of harnessing the wealth of entrepreneurial ideas in Asia & the GCC region. We make strategic investments in innovative ideas primarily technology-based Financial Services Companies throughout the region. The company utilizes the intellectual & financial capital to buy out, restructure, and expand innovative businesses in various sectors including the financial industry, real estate, agriculture, telecommunication and information technology, amongst others. We specialize in turning ideas into corporations by leveraging the knowledge and expertise gained after decades of experience in investment banking services conducted with uncompromising integrity. AMZ MAK Capital Limited is a partnership between Mr. Aref Mohammed Al Zarouni (AMZ) and Mir Mohammad Ali Khan (MAK), one of the several business ventures between the two business leaders over the past 20 years. Mr. Aref Mohammed Al Zarouni, Executive Chairman, AMZ MAK Capital Limited, is a renowned and well-established UAE businessman, having diversified strategic investments in various sectors throughout the region. Mir Mohammad Ali Khan is internationally renowned Investment Banker, Entrepreneur & Capital Markets Advisor.

Somerset Capital Holdngs LLC.


October 2001 – Present (14 years 7 months)Dubai

I own an investment banking and financial services company founded by a group of international investors with the aim of buying out / taking over construction related companies in the Middle Eastern region, in need of capital infusion for expansion purposes. Somerset Capital also funded several construction related heavy Equipment Companies all across the GCC region. Some of the most innovative companies in information technology and related sectors were taken over the directly through a consortium of private investors put together by Mr. Alikhan or through Somerset Capital Holdings.

PGM London Ltd.

CEO / Founder

January 2002 – November 2006 (4 years 11 months)London. Dubai. Milano PGM London is a precious metals producer/Trader specializing in supplying platinum Bars to the top financial institutions in Europe, with a concentration in Switzerland, France and Italy. PGM has established relationships with top 4 Platinum refineries in the world for procurement, and uses a secured and branded warehousing for its storage of commodities. All our products adhere to London-Zurich Good delivery system and our pricing is based on LME and NYMEX.

Tekstoxx LLC, Dubai – London.

Chairman / CEO

February 2003 – July 2005 (2 years 6 months)Dubai. London.Roma

The company served as Telecommunication Reseller/Importer/Exporter. At the time of acquisition, it was a start-up company with offices in Dubai Internet City and London, at 23 Berkley Square, Mayfair, London. Company trades in high volume mobile Communication devices with all regional specifications and caters to the need of large sized wholesalers.



March 2002 – July 2005 (3 years 5 months)Dubai. London. Paris

PetroSAA is a petroleum trading Establishment, principally trading in Commodities those directly related to and range from feedstock such as crude oil and intermediate or blending stocks to finished products like gasoil, diesel, jet fuel, gasoline and fuel oil ready for consumer use. Our partners are crude oil producers, refineries, trading firms and retailing companies, with over 180 years of combined industry experience and industry experts from seven different oil producing nations, PetroSAA made exceptional progress under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Khan.



November 2001 – May 2003 (1 year 7 months)Dubai. India. London. KSA. Kuwait. Malayasia.

This company was taken over by Mohammad Alikhan, along with Middle Eastern investors in the year 2001. Focus is in the business of developing applications since 1992 and has over 18000 companies as clients across the globe with offices around the world.

Government of Pakistan

Federal Advisor to the President of Pakistan

October 1999 – September 2001 (2 years)Islamabad

I served as an Advisor to the President of Pakistan, General (R) Pervez Musharraf in the area of electoral and Constitutional reforms. I also rendered my services as a Media Spokesperson for National Reconstruction Bureau (A Federal Government think tank, established in 1999 with a view to policy reforms and establishment of local Government throughout Pakistan). The reference to my services can be accessed through the following link: mirmohammadalikhan.com/tag/federal-advisor-

KMS Investment Bank

Founder / President

October 1994 – April 1999 (4 years 7 months)110 Wall Street. New York, New York

I Served as the founder and president at the age of 29 of the first Muslim owned investment bank in the history of Wall Street. With over 4800 institutional and high net worth clients and over 3 billion dollars in transactional assets, KMS was full services investment bank involved in the areas of IPO (Initial Public Offerings), secondary underwritings and Debt/ Equity trading, Market Making Research (Mainstream and focused on Islamic Banking) merger advisory and so on.

Barret Day Securities

Vice President

January 1991 – December 1995 (5 years)Broadway. New York. New York

I looked after the overall brokerage operation, compliance, and investment advisory to institutions and high net worth investors. I looked after the strategic relations of the company with leading institutions, and actively worked for business development.

International Investment Management Inc. (Registered Investment Advisor)

President / Country Director

February 1992 – December 1994 (2 years 11 months)

In collaboration with Barret Day Securities, we founded International Investment Management Inc. to cater to international financial advisory. I spearheaded the company’s operations, managing around $240 million in transactional assets. We devised company’s expansion strategy, and forged strong relations with financial institutions and individual clients.

Prudential Financial

Management Trainee

January 1989 – December 1990 (2 years)

I started my professional career from Prudential Financial. I gave valuable input in brokerage business, sales, customer support, client management, investment advisory, and related services.