Mir Mohammad Ali Khan


Mir Mohammad Ali Khan, a phenomenon and an institution in himself, an expert in finance and stock market. He was born in Karachi, in an affluent and reputable Urdu speaking household. He was an intelligent and focused child even when he was young. He always aimed to ace his studies and make a carrier in finance and he did just that. At an early age of 19, right after he graduated from school, he migrated to United States after being sponsored by his sister, who was settled there along with her family. Even though it was a totally new country and a whole different setup and his family had to start from scratch again but after being inspired from his parents, who both worked their hardest in making a living for their family even though they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth as they were from royal families, he too decided to support his studies and worked odd jobs to make a living for himself by serving tables and washing dishes in Burger kings, driving cabs, punching tags in apparel section at K-Mart and working as a security guard on weekends. He graduated from Rutgers University in 1984 majoring in Economics and Finance. During all this hard work, one wish derived him to work hard and that was to enter Wall Street and be in the middle of all the action of the Capital Markets and that drive finally lead him to where he always wanted to be and he got hired by an investment bank right on Wall Street as an assistant Vice President and he never looked back from that point onwards.

Few years later he moved to another investment bank as a Senior Executive Vice President, International Investment Banking Division.  He started to handle international clients and being a bi-linguist, it worked out to be greatly in his favors. Another milestone in his extraordinary journey was to open up his own Boutique Investment Bank on Wall Street in 1995, making him the youngest person to open a bank at just 29 years of age, which was KMS Investment bank the first Muslim owned investment bank in the history of Wall Street. In all this period he has gathered a few hundred million dollars of assets under Advisory & Management and has done over 40 or so investment banking deals, including IPO’s and secondary financing. Side by side he has also started to take a keen interest in politics and was one of the biggest contributors to the Republican Party.  He believed that Muslims in any country that they permanently settle into should become active in the Democratic process of that country to have their voice heard and counted.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan is now permanently residing in Karachi with his two young kids. Motivating the youth around the globe, especially in Pakistan, is his personal interest. He often appears on television programs and is very active on his social media with this very reason in his mind. He regularly speaks at universities across Pakistan and appears on television programs as a motivational speaker, personal development guru and also helps people who are willing to understand capital markets. His agenda is to mentor the youth and make them aware of their weaknesses and strengths so that they can become better and serve the nation through personal and professional achievements of goals.  He has come back to Pakistan hoping to provide solutions, on the basis of his firsthand experience, in the areas where the country is lacking and he says there is no stopping him in achieving this goal for the betterment of his beloved country.


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