Mir Mohammad Ali Khan


The soil of Pakistan has always been considered very fertile either it is in reference of the agriculture or crops that are cultivated here or it is in regards to the skills and craftsmanship of the people who resides on this precious and extremely unique piece of land. One of the individual that contributed greatly and gained immense respect for his motherland in all over the world is one of the sons of this soil, Mir Mohammad Ali Khan who is commonly referred as MirMak.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan a youthful Pakistani lad, who at the age of 19 years, moved to USA alongside his family did not realize that in the new and sparkling universe of chances that is United States, he will accomplish and give up to such an extent.

Youthful Mir Mohammad Ali, who sought after his early education from a very religious community school of Pakistan, alongside his family was welcomed by his sister, who wedded and lived in abroad with her significant other and wards. His folks who belonged to very prestigious and respectful families themselves had to move abroad as well so that they can provide for their children and give them much better opportunities for their great future.

Mir Mohammad Ali Khan who was dependably a shrewd child and where the children of his age were occupied in playing outside and tricking the neighbors, he was a great deal more involved with his books and preparing for exams to score better among his peers. Along with many other subjects that he showed interest in finance was by far his most loved subject and that enthusiasm to contemplate and take in more about it took him to truly incredible extremes. After school he took confirmation in Rutgers University and his majors was Economics and Finance. Amid studies he worked truly hard and had to do odd employments like washing dishes and tending to tables in Burger Kings, punching labels in the clothing area of K-Mart, filling in as a security monitor for an office building, even weekends were not a special case, he drove taxi cabs to bolster his personal expanse and essential necessities. After such relentless and diligent work at last he graduated and the trip to greatness started for this extra ordinary person.

Only at the age of 29 years, he turned into the most youthful Chairman and Founder of a full administration Investment Bank in America and the primary Muslim to have possessed a speculation depend on Wall Street. He has had a fruitful vocation as Founder and Chairman The Financial Group, Inc., Federal Advisor to Govt. of Pakistan, a Member of New Jersey Governors Council, a Senior Advisor to New Jersey State Mayors and US State Senators. He went ahead with his accomplishments and set yet another turning point by bringing Islamic Banking Research into standard America by co-supporting and encouraging Harvard University to dispatch Harvard Islamic Finance and Information Program (HIFIP). He likewise built up THE WORD’S FIRST ISLAMIC BANKING BENCHMARK INDEX on WALL STREET which name was KMS-SAMI (Socially Aware Muslin Index), which is now a functional index run by The Dow Jones Indices. He has likewise been included in “Who’s Who of Top Executives in the World”. He was likewise as of late highlighted in “Humans of Pakistan” which is an exceptionally renowned Pakistani forum and worldwide discussion.

After such maximum accomplishments on his record, he is presently back in Pakistan with a radiant motive that is to engage the adolescent of Pakistan and to inspire them by his own particular encounters and accomplishments so that the youth of Pakistan can change their life and fate like Mir Mohammad Ali khan did with his sheer hard work and endless valor.


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